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Dennis Green Sports Marketing announces a new era of sports consulting services. For managing, motivating, and marketing to increase both top line revenues and bottom line profits.

A personal note from Dennis Green

There are many constituents/share holders/stakeholders related to every team, be the team a professional sports team, a corporation, or a division within. Wherever people need to work together to achieve a common goal, Dennis Green Sports Marketing can assist. We can provide consulting to you or, in alliance and partnership with you, to your teams and or clients, with the ultimate goals being to generate, sustain, and increase interest, profits, and internal harmony.

What follows is about professional sports teams, all of which can be translated to non-sports corporations and organizations. In terms of professional sports and corporations related to them, every team today faces a dilemma: at the same time the "unreconstructed football fan is making a comeback," to use Sam Walker's phrase, The sports market for teams of these fans is "looking soggy," to quote Timesman John Solomon, April 21, 2002.

New strategies and old wisdom are needed for teams to survive the current and future market context. How does a team maintain growth and increase its profits at a time when the industry has matured despite being in a growth market? How can revenues be generated, including through new or renovated stadiums? Dennis Green Sports Marketing provides strategies and methods for positively and profitably answering such questions.

Consulting can be done in one on one sessions, in group sessions, as well as in seminars and workshops. How does a team survive in a market risking over saturation in terms of choices in sports for fans in terms of other teams, other sports, but also in terms of other activities, such as video games of sports? CBS will be showing golf, tennis, and horse racing. ABC will be showing skiing, college basketball, and motocross. NBC will offer up professional bull riding, women's pro basketball, and men's and women's gymnastics. Fox will offer auto racing. Even with smaller audiences, the smaller fees still allow the broadcasters a greater profit margin. A key to success is keeping the fans glued to NFL football. Dennis Green Sports Marketing also advises on key chemistry elements for the media relationship of team with fans. Often treated as a commodity, teams need to show the hometown fan it is a community team serving the community, and have presentations at games and in the media reflective of this.

Sports Illustrated has pointed out that fans need their teams all the more in troubled times, be the trouble economic downturns or terrorist attacks. Sports offer people the one universally shared experience in today's society they can all talk about without interference from politically correct agendas.

Each team needs to hone its skills at retaining and increasing the allegiance of sports fans, an opportunity that comes to them on any given Sunday. With 32 teams, winning counts, but also how one loses if loss is the answer at the close of any given Sunday. That can often determine the continuing or dropping of fan loyalty and support. Professional sports offers encouragement that each individual takes away from the fact that any team can come back from behind and win.

In 2010, 234 countries and territories, with 34 languages, had NFL programming (there are currently 192 countries in the UN). On any given Sunday, over 100 million Americans go to church, while over 200 million watch the NFL. Of the top 45 television programs of all time in terms of number of viewers, 20 were Super Bowls, one the 1981 NFC playoff. The Super Bowl is the top at-home party event each year, and is the second largest day of food consumption, second only to Thanksgiving. It is projected that the 2011 Super Bowl will bring $300-$400 million in economic benefit to the host city. No team wants to dilute the opportunities of fans to see their warriors in battle. The relationship of players and teams in the media begins on the field and continues 24/7 off the field between each engagement on the field. How teams and players relate to the media can determine the loyalty and spending of the fans. Behind the scenes, much goes on that needs to be done effectively to maintain the fans loyalty and to keep all of the various constituencies/stakeholders happy (Fans, Sponsors, Advertisers, the media of broadcast, cable, TV, radio, print, team members, etc.). Media relations are key. Every fan of every sport yearns to have a positive experience from the call "take me out to the ball game," be it at the stadium or on TV or in fan magazines. Dennis Green Sports Marketing can help your team answer that call in the best possible way. Let's talk.

Sincerely yours,
Dennis Green February 2007

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