July 15, 2024

Music of The Sunset Music Band

Every sunrise brings the hope of a new day. Life's opportunities and challenges are before us. As the day's end draws near, people who recognize the energy of the sun and appreciate its value, come together for the close of a beautiful day- a Sunset Celebration.

The upbeat music is positive and energetic. It symbolizes a passionate approach to life and living. Contemporary rhythm jazz featuring smooth soulful vocals best defines the style of the Sunset Music Band.

Get as close as you can get
to the magical celebration of Sunset.
Put your heart in our hand,
Listen to the spirit and soul of the Sunset Music Band.

Listen. And Celebrate the Sunset...........

~Dennis Green

The Sunset Music Band - Sunset Celebration
Download the tracks below.

1) Sunset Celebration
2) Happiness is Contagious
3) My Heart
4) I'll Give You Everything
5) And Then There Was You
6) Confidence
7) Moonlight
8) Eyes Never Lie
9) True Love Affair
10) Better Days

Copyright 1995 Savannah Street Music

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